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Used Cars for Sale in Oman

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Today Report Al Khoud. Yesterday Report Al Ghubrah. Yesterday Report Al Khoud. Expat Lady Owned fully serviced at oman de Nissan altima best condition rial Jeep Grand Cherokee expat driven, in excel Toyota Corolla 2.

Sportage 2.

Expat leaving used cars

Very good condition Cruze expat leavi Touareg Sport V6 White, fully automatic in Expat Owned Car For Sale. Excellent To Dri Inappropriate ad content.

Item Sold. Fraud or Scam. Indecent Seller. Report details. Thank you for reporting this Ad This listing has been reported. Similar searches: expat car expat dr expat driven expat expat expat i expat in expat lady expat leaving expat new expat in category Furniture.Are you an owner of a car dealership or a local vehicle distributor?

Or maybe you are just an individual with a car that you wish to sell. You also might be a possible buyer looking for the best car deal out there. Even if you are someone who is simply interested in cars then you have reached the best place where you can find all of that and much more right here. Through this section, the process of selling your car is made easier and faster.

It allows you to reach as many buyers as possible in the shortest period of time and through your own words. All you need is to spare some minutes of your time and you will be able to reach a huge number of buyers across the country. No matter what brand your car or vehicle is or whether it is a used or a brand new car, you can make sure that you will get the best possible deal through here with minimal effort and in the quickest manner. Selling or buying cars right here will not only guarantee you the best possible deal, but it will also be a fun and a trust worthy experience.

Sellers and buyers can communicate easily one- on —one, and seal their deals in a way they both prefer. You are not only advertising your car, you are also using your own advertising skills through here.

You are becoming your own salesperson. After all, you are the owner of the car and you are the one who can describe it perfectly. This will attract more buyers and your advertisement will reach a very wide range of buyers in no time while sitting at your couch. If you are a buyer, you can rest assured that here is the widest range of car deals and offers you can possibly find. No matter what car brand, condition, type, model, year, type of gear, price or even shape and color you are looking for.

expat cars for sale in oman

You will also be able to communicate directly with sellers, negotiating prices to find your best deal. If you are not planning on buying a car right now and only thinking about it or it will happen sometime in the future, this is also definitely the place for you.

You can do your own research scrolling through this wide range of options, cars of different types, shapes and sizes that will match your taste and give you an idea of the price ranges that fit within your budget plans. Firstly, you should determine your own needs. For instance, if you have a large family or planning on having children then you should consider a vehicle that is accommodating for your family.

So you should really decide which extras are important for you and which are not. You should also study your budget well and decide which car brands and models fit within your budget. Finally, you should do a thorough research comparing car brands, models and conditions to see which ones fit your criteria best; this could be easily done with the help of this section. Recent studies show that car brands including Toyota, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Nissan, Honda and Ford were amongst the best selling in recent years.

While the sales differ from one region to the other, still those brands ranked the highest globally with Toyota coming first as the top selling car brand in the world.

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expat cars for sale in oman

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Cars for sale in Muscat. Search by. Oman Muscat Salalah Sohar. Volvo V40 Hyundai accent for immediate sale only serious buyers. Mazda CX5 full luxury version. Mazda Cx5 model, Full version. RED color. Warranty till Grand Sata Fe-7 seater-Top range model-Interior in fantastic condition. Single Driven; Interior has been covered since purchased hence all seats and dash board are still in new Looking for an Used SUV to buy.

Hello All, I am looking to buy an used SUV with a reasonable running mileage if any of you are selling Mazda CX9 Car on Sale. As new, 1. Inferno Red. One careful, non-smoking female expat owner from new with A fantastic, 3. Gunmetal Grey.

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One careful, non-smoking female Expart owner ,Oman car, low milage good condition, 1. Hyundai Elantra 2nd option. New shape Elantra. Color white Oman car bought from OTE. Full automatic.Information Due to expat leaving for good we are selling our nice car Jeep Cherokee from with low mileage kms.

Istimara until Information V8 Leather. Expat leaving. Female driven. No accidents. No scratches. Expat leaving! Plz call on Show number Battery under warranty.

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Tyres 9 months. We bought this car from an expat Regular maintenance in Waqood call or watsapp on Show number Information expat leaving for sale, negotaible price please no bogus buyer and please do understand, money for family support thanks. Information Expat leaving sale. Slightly negotiable Full option with additional features.

Full company service history only km Warranty Information Sudanese American owner Accident to front bumper replaced at Toyota agency, exterior of bumper was damaged and bumper was replaced by. Get notified when we have new listings available for expat leaving. We use cookies to personalize your Trovit experience on our site, analyze traffic, and show personalized content and targeted ads.

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Cars for sale in Oman

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AED 49, Report View car. AEDAED 29, AED 19, Patrol V6 - Expat leaving urgent sale - Under warranty —We work in countries. For individual expat auto lease or car financing, we do not require you to have a local credit history. We can assist your employer or relocation company with coordinating rental car or chauffeur service for you. We can provide our clients with anything from a car lease in Germany, long-term chauffeur service in China, rental car in South Africa, airport transfer in Stockholm to an armored car with driver in Brazil.

Our mission is to provide a stress-free process for expats moving overseas to obtain a vehicle or arrange a chauffeur service. We talk the expat language, so feel free to contact us for a chat. Expatriates can get a car without a local credit history or a local driver's license.

ExpatRide provides leasing for new cars and used cars in most countries listed below on this page. When arriving in a new country it can be difficult to be approved for any type of credit due to the lack of local credit history. Together with our local partners, we have created vehicle leasing and financing programs specifically tailored to international professionals. This means that we do not evaluate your creditworthiness on your local credit history, but instead on your current situation.

We offer competitive interest rates and options. Start the process before or after you arrive in your new location. Our program will save you time, hassle and money The "Personal Car Shopper Service" gives you the benefit of a skilled and knowledgeable contact person who understands the local auto market. List of countries we service.

ExpatRide offers chauffeur car services currently in countries, and airport transfers from over major airports worldwide. The service is customized based on each client's specific needs to ensure the maximum assignee satisfaction.

If a country is not listed, please contact us! ExpatRide coordinates all aspects of the program and ongoing support. In locations where needed, we also provide armored vehicles. A centralized billing service across all of our many services worldwide.

We have experience providing reinforced vehicles and protection across four continents. For more information click here. Over 16, locations.

Lower rental car costs and discounts on insurance. Not only is our rental car program designed for convenience, but it also provides cost savings.

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Clients in need of vehicles from 1 day and longer, to make their employees day-to-day or month-to-month rental experience more convenient. No volume commitment and no minimum rental period required for direct billing.

Contact us about direct billing! For more information and list countries. With the focus on the client's locations, we'll work with you to put together a Transportation Plan covering all assignees' needs.

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For your clients, this means coordinating with over 16, different rental car locations, tens of different rental car companies, multiple airport transfer service companies, numerous daily chauffeur services companies, and individual national leasing companies. Our supplier network consists of over service providers dealing in 14 different currencies across six continents. With most suppliers, we have years of history and shaping our processes. We can, therefore, problem solve and escalate challenges quicker and more effectively when needed.

It should save you and your assignees a lot of time, frustration and money, as we will handle all preparation, support, deliveries, payments, and billing issues. All coordinated for you via One-Point-Of-Contact and with centralized billing across all of our services.Today Report. Yesterday Report. This listing has been reported. If you want to contact us please use the form available here. Search was added to Favorites.

Ad was added to Favorites. Log in. No, thanks. Save as favorite. Show all. Add to favorites. Remove from favorites. Urgent SALE!!! Today Report Al Mawaleh. Today Report Al Khoud. Yesterday Report Sohar. Yesterday Report Al Ghubrah. Yesterday Report Al Khoud. Expat Lady Owned fully serviced at oman de Nissan altima best condition rial Jeep Grand Cherokee expat driven, in excel Toyota Corolla 2. Sportage 2. Toyota Camry GLX with cruise control, Very good condition Cruze expat leaviOman is widely considered the friendliest Gulf state to live and work in for expats but, as with any destination, life in Oman has its ups and downs.

Expats should consider both the pros and cons of living in Oman before deciding if this is the place for them. If arriving in Oman on a full expat package, accommodation is usually included in the employment contract.

Some companies provide a cash allowance to spend on rent, let an expat choose a property and even liaise directly with the landlord to make the payment on the expat's behalf. Muscat is a relatively small city, so it's possible to drive from one side to the other in 40 minutes. This allows expats to seek cheaper accommodation beyond the city centre. Although foreigners have recently been given the legal right to purchase property on certain developments in Oman, renting is often still the only option for accommodation.

Rent is paid annually and not monthly, which isn't good news for expat tenants as they will have to come up with a sizeable sum of money to cover the rent for a whole year. If the company provides an expat with an annual accommodation allowance they will usually cover the cost upfront.

The type of lifestyle an expat can expect depends on where they live: Muscat is the most developed city, with shopping malls, restaurants, bars, sports clubs and entertainment venues. Because of the large expat population and numerous expat social clubs, it's easy to live a Western lifestyle. Smaller, more rural towns are not nearly as Westernised, but many still have large expat populations and social groups as well. The heat in Oman in the summer can be oppressive, particularly on the coast, where humidity reaches high levels.

Muscat is not a particularly pedestrian-friendly city, and the only feasible way to travel is by car or public transport. Although rural towns have beautiful deserts and beaches on their doorstep, one's nightlife and entertainment options are somewhat limited there. Although 'Omanisation' has closed off certain industry sectors to expat job seekers, it's still relatively easy to find a job in sectors like oil, medicine and education.

Because Muscat is a small city, networking is easy and everyone seems to know everyone. Getting cosy with the corporate in-crowd will certainly have its benefits.

In order to work in Oman expats have to be sponsored by an employer, which can leave people feeling tied to their employers. If leaving the company, a work visa will be cancelled and one will have to go through the hassle of getting a new residence permit.

expat cars for sale in oman

Although it's an up-and-coming city with a large expat population, Muscat is still an Arab city in a Muslim country. This affects every aspect of daily life, including how business is done. Final decisions often rest with Omanis in top positions, who may have a different cultural approach to business matters. It's therefore important to make a concerted effort to understand the culture and respect the customs of the Omanis when doing business.

If an expat wants to change jobs in Oman they need a release letter from their employer stating that they allowed an expat to seek employment with another company in the Sultanate. It's important to stay on the good side of one's employer as a person is generally not allowed to live in Oman if they are not employed. Expat workers must have sponsorship, and that sponsorship ends when employment does. Expats will be required to obtain an alternative visa immediately or they will be staying in the country illegally.

Although Oman has a large number of expats, it can still be quite a culture shock for first-time visitors to the Middle East, particularly if moving to a small, rural town. It can take some time to adjust to Omani culture and a bit of patience is required. It's quite easy to make friends with other expats in Oman, as there are many expat social clubs to join. Expats are in abundance even in the rural areas, and one can easily get involved in group trips or outdoor pursuits.

Muscat is not far from some of the smaller towns and cities and there are many Western shopping malls, bars and activities to engage in should one feel homesick. Although Oman is one of the more liberal countries in the Gulf, it's still a Muslim country and one should respect and follow its customs and cultural practices. Displaying affection in public is not illegal, but it is frowned upon.

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It's also not permitted to shake the hand of an Omani woman. Westerners should attempt to dress appropriately. Men can wear shorts but they should extend to the knees.

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